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With Paulinho, Wei Shihao, Micro Motion, Taliska and Exxon Jiangong, Evergrande won the Guangzhou Derby in a convincing way and achieved two consecutive victories. Just like the first game against Shanghai Shenhua, Guangzhou Evergrande’s winning magic weapon is tight backcourt defense and efficient offensive and defensive conversion. The depth of the lineup ensures the team’s tactical execution and continuity, and creates a more blooming offensive end. Situation.

与Paulinho,Wei Shihao,高准,Taliska和Exxon Jianong一起,恒大以令人信服的方式赢得了广州德比大赛的冠军,并取得了连续两场胜利。就像对阵上海申花的第一场比赛一样,广州恒大的制胜法宝是严密的后场防守和高效的攻防转换。阵容的深度确保了球队的战术执行力和连续性,并创造了更加出色的进攻端。情况。

In the first match against Shanghai Shenhua, Cannavaro posed a 4141 formation. Right midfielder Yang Liyu would retreat to the right gate when defending, and Evergrande defended the enemy with a five-guard defense line. In this campaign, Cannavaro made a certain rotation. Evergrande’s wing and striker configuration changed greatly. Yang Liyu appeared on the left and Talisca was at the right midfielder.


In an interview before the game, Cannavaro expressed his preference for the three-back/five-back system. The continuous arrangement of central defenders to guard the two gates reflects his emphasis on defense. In this battle, since Evergrande’s pressure on the defensive end was not too great, Yang Liyu did not have to return to the back line as many times as in the first battle. R&F lacks a high center forward who can act as a fulcrum in the penalty area. Evergrande’s defense line composed of only four central defenders is enough to ensure the security of the penalty area. Yang Liyu can stay in the front position and focus on offense. This is the result of Evergrande’s scoring storm. Come.

在比赛前的一次采访中,卡纳瓦罗表达了他对三后卫/五后卫系统的偏爱。中央捍卫者不断地保卫两个大门,这反映了他对防御的重视。在这场战斗中,由于恒大在防守端的压力不太大,因此杨立宇不必像第一次战斗那样多次返回后场。 R&F缺乏能在罚球区充当支点的高中锋。恒大仅由四名中后卫组成的防御线足以确保禁区的安全。杨立宇可以保持在前列并专注于进攻。这是恒大得分风暴的结果。来。

After the opening game, Evergrande is based on defense and will actively slow down after stealing the ball to organize the attack. The frontal defensive ability of the Evergrande defender is very strong, and the two full-backs have a high defensive rate. Paulinho and Zhang Xiuwei also pay attention to protecting the back. Renaldinho once relied on his personal ability to create threats on the wing, but more often he could not find a way to break through the siege. Tang Miao did not find a teammate in several passes after inserting an assist. R&F His wing attack was blocked.

开场后,恒大以防守为基础,在抢断球以组织进攻后会主动放慢脚步。恒大后卫的锋线防守能力非常强,两个后卫的防守率很高。鲍里尼奥和张秀伟也注意保护背部。雷纳尔迪尼奥曾经亚博直播平台依靠自己的能力在边路制造威胁,但更多时候他找不到突破围城的方法。插入助攻后,唐M经过几次传球都没找到队友。 R&F他的侧翼攻击被阻止。

After Xiao Zhi left the team, R&F's attacking ability further declined. Changing four guards, R&F has a big problem with the use of space in the offense. Not only can they not complete the bottom on the side, but they also can't find a way to penetrate the penalty area after forming a siege.


Zahavi has a wide range of activities and likes to retrace the ball and connect the midfield. In the past two rounds, Van Bronckhorst arranged for Chen Junle to attack the penalty area, but the effect was not obvious. In addition to the lack of a center fulcrum, another problem with R&F's offense is the "lost connection" between the two wingers. Several center players do not have above-standard transfer and dispatch capabilities.

扎哈维(Zahavi)有各种各样的活动,并且喜欢回球并连接中场。在过去的两轮比赛中,范布朗克斯特(Van Bronckhorst)安排陈俊乐进攻禁区,但效果并不明显。除了缺乏中心支点,R&F进攻的另一个问题是两个边锋之间的“失去联系”。几个中心参与者没有标准以上的转移和调度功能。

In the first match against Shanghai Shenhua, Jiang Guangtai used his air combat and air dominance capabilities, not only successfully limited Jin Xinyu, but also defeated Shahavi and Cao Yunding in the competition, demonstrating all-round strength. In the early part of the first half, Jiang Guangtai made several mistakes in the confrontation with Zahavi. As the game progressed, Jiang Guangtai gradually found a sense and Evergrande's defense seemed very stable. After Dembele's exit, R&F's offensive quality became worse and worse, and the connection between Zahavi and his teammates was severed.


Throwing into a heavy attack but unable to give the opponent sufficient deterrence, the pressure was poured back into the R&F line of defense. When Evergrande’s backcourt continues to be under pressure, the quality of pass control will decrease significantly. Goalkeeper Liu Dianzuo likes to use his big foot to solve problems when facing a press. It is easy to lose the ball in the process. Unfortunately, R&F For various reasons, it did not adopt the high-position press tactics, which gave Evergrande the opportunity to organize the attack calmly. Having built up enough confidence in the defense, Evergrande quickly completed a comprehensive control of the situation by relying on ingenious formation and arrangement and personal technical advantages.


Evergrande generally has two ways to pass the midfield in the offensive advancement stage: one is to patiently organize the ground pass. Several midfielders use active running to create more shots to lure opponents backcourt players out of position and create Out of the forward space. Zhang Xiuwei was very active in running, catching and dribbling. There were more creative and risky passes than in the first match, but his turnovers also increased. This became an important factor affecting the quality of Evergrande's offense in the early half of the first half.


In addition to the offensive choice of the frontcourt players, another problem with Evergrande’s offense lies in the midfield transportation line. Huang Bowen's pass success rate in this campaign reached 97% and was awarded the "Guangzhou Derby" best player, but his occasional knife mountain ball for his teammates also caused danger. In terms of receiving the ball and protecting each other, the tacit understanding between the middle trio needs to be improved.


The second is that the backcourt players directly hit behind the R&F defense line with long passes. In the first match with Shanghai Shenhua, Evergrande’s long pass attack aimed at the front midfield. Exxon competed for the first spot, and Paulinho led other players to actively fight for the second spot to attack. In this campaign, Exxon took a break, and Evergrande’s straight-line attack aimed at the two wings. R&F relies on Renaldinho's personal ability to attack the wing. Evergrande’s wing attack has both team cooperation and individual attack, and the offensive routines are very rich.

第二个原因是后场球员直接在R&F防守线后面长距离命中。在与上海申花的首场比赛中,恒大的长传进攻瞄准了前场中场。埃克森美孚(Exxon)争夺第一名,波利尼奥(Paulinho)带领其他玩家积极争取第二名。在这次竞选中,埃克森(Exxon)休息了一会,恒大(Evergrande)的直线攻击瞄准了这两个部门。 R&F依靠Renaldinho的个人进攻能力。恒大的联队进攻既有团队合作又有个人进攻,进攻手法非常丰富。

From five guards to four guards, the space in the backcourt of R&F has become larger, which places high demands on the defensive rate of midfielders. Dembele and Renaldinho have repeatedly lost positions in defense. R&F often only has 7 players in the correct defensive position, which is obviously not enough to cope with Evergrande’s offensive.


After changing sides, Van Bronckhorst replaced Li Titian to strengthen the midfielder's possession and advancement, and R&F's offense improved. Evergrande gained a two-goal lead in the first half, and once again started from defense after changing sides.

双方改变立场之后,范布隆克霍斯特(Van Bronckhorst)取代了李铁天(Le Titian),以加强中场球员的控制和提升,富力(R&F)的进攻得到了改善。恒大上半年取得了两粒进球的领先优势,并且在换手后再次从防守端入手。

After R&F pressed on the offense, the backcourt was more open and Renaldinho could not return to the defense. Tang Miao's defense area became Evergrande's main attack direction. Micro Motion continuously made threats in the offense. He first scored an inside cut and then made a penalty kick. Taliska's goal killed the game ahead of schedule.


Two consecutive games relied on a steady defense to control the situation, looked for opportunities to switch from defense to offense while limiting the opponent, and relied on good personal skills and skilled cooperation to ensure the quality of offense. The dominance demonstrated by Evergrande was daunting. Cannavaro adopted a more practical tactic to cope with the intensive schedule and achieved good results.


This season, Evergrande has accelerated the pace of upgrading, and there are some unstable factors in the tactical system. After the resumption of work, the schedule is intensive and tight. On the one hand, Cannavaro has to lead Evergrande to achieve good results, on the other hand, he has to complete lineup debugging and running-in. It is reasonable for him to choose a relatively pragmatic play in this process.


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