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亚博直播:不失一盘!斯维亚泰克的梦想与希冀 正在变成现实

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   The French Open in 2020 has become a stage for the "new generation" to display their talents. In the women’s singles semi-finals last night, Polish star Swatek was born in 2001. She continued her good form since the start of the match. She swept another dark horse Podolska 6-2, 6-1, with no loss. With an impressive record, he won the ticket to the finals and became the lowest ranked player in the French Open women's singles final since 1984. Those dreams and hopes hidden in the heart of this 19-year-old girl are becoming reality.






   Swatek was born in a sports family. Her father was an excellent rower and represented Poland in the 1988 Seoul (now called Seoul) Olympic Games. "My sister and I have inherited his sports genes and have been active since we were young." Swatek revealed that he took the road to tennis because of his father's influence. "He likes tennis very much and has always wanted us to go there. This path often takes us to practice.” Over time, Swartek also fell in love with this project. But in those yellowing memories, the little girl has always had an irreparable regret-she has never been able to defeat her sister.

Swatek出生于一个体育运动家庭。她的父亲是一位出色的赛艇运动员,曾代表波兰参加1988年首尔(现在称为首尔)奥运会。 “我姐姐和我继承了他的运动基因,自我们年轻以来就很活跃。” Swatek透露,由于父亲的影响,他走上了网球之路。 “他非常喜欢网球,并且一直希望我们去那里。这条路经常带我们练习。”随着时间的流逝,Swartek也爱上了这个项目,但在那些泛黄的回忆中,小女孩始终怀有无法挽回的遗憾-她从未能够击败姐姐。

"We went to practice together. She was 3 years older than me. She must have played better than me at the beginning." Swatek said frankly that defeating her sister was the biggest goal at that time. "I keep practicing, improving every day and moving towards The set goal was moving forward, but when I was about to surpass it, it suddenly ended without disease, which made me sad.” Five years ago, Swatek’s sister suffered serious injuries in training and had to give up her beloved tennis. On the road, the sister naturally lost the opportunity to realize her wish. "Later, my sister told me that we can't just aim to beat her. If you want to be a (professional player), you should find a way to beat the best players in the world and achieve brilliant results." The Polish girl said.

“我们一起去练习。她比我大三岁。一开始她肯定比我好。” Swatek坦率地说,击败姐姐是当时最大的目标。 “我一直在练习,每天都在进步,朝着这个目标前进。但是,当我要超越这个目标时,它突然没病了就结束了,这让我很难过。”五年前,Swatek的姐姐在训练中受了重伤,不得不放弃了自己心爱的网球。在旅途中,姐姐自然失去了实现自己愿望的机会。“后来,姐姐告诉我,我们不能只是为了打她如果你想成为一名(职业球员),你应该找到一种方法来击败世界上最好的球员并取得辉煌的成绩。”这位波兰姑娘说。



   Svartek did not live up to her sister's expectations. She won the Wimbledon Junior Women's Singles Championship in 2018. A year later, she played for Roland Garros for the first time as a professional player, and successfully entered the second week. However, the road to dreaming is bound to be full of thorns. At that time, the little girl who had just passed her 18th birthday suffered a 0-6, 1-6 defeat in front of the defending champion Halep. "That game was a terrible loss, but it also taught me a lot. At that time, I knew that next time I met, I would do better." The Polish girl did her word and achieved it at the French Open this year. After the "happy revenge" of Halep, Svartek completed the "task" set by her sister. In this way, she also made up for her childhood regrets.

Svartek没有辜负姐姐的期望。她于2018年赢得了温网青少年女子单打冠军。一年后,她首次以职业球员的身份参加罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)的比赛,并成功进入第二周。但是,梦想之路必定充满荆棘。那时,刚刚过18岁生日的小女孩在卫冕冠军哈勒普(Halep)面前遭受了0-6、1-6的失败。 “那场比赛损失惨重,但同时也教会了我很多东西。那时,我知道下次见面,我会做得更好。”这位波兰姑娘如愿以偿,并在今年的法国公开赛上取得了成功。在Halep的“快乐报仇”之后,Svartek完成了姐姐设定的“任务”。这样,她也弥补了童年的后悔。



   is 19 years old. It was the age to enjoy campus life, but after a long period of battle, Swatek had to give up some of the happiness he had originally. Fortunately, the Polish girl has her own ideas and plans for the future.




   "I like taking classes very much. Although my grades are not the best, I still enjoy spending time with my classmates, but it is really not easy to take care of both ends." Swatek's sigh was absolutely heartfelt. During the French Open last year, she had to not only prepare for the battle, but also prepare for the final exams in high school. After stopping in the top 16, the little girl rushed back to Warsaw to make up classes without stopping, even writing homework during the flight. Taking advantage of the suspension period of this year’s tennis tournament, Swatek successfully completed high school, “One less worry, it makes me feel more relaxed and more confident to play.” And the result of preparing for the game is all the way. Pass the game and create the brightest moment of your career so far.

“我非常喜欢上课。尽管我的成绩不是最好的,但我仍然喜欢和同学们在一起,但是要照顾好孩子的两端确实不容易。” Swatek的叹息绝对是由衷的。去年法国公开赛期间,她不仅要为战斗做准备,还要为高中的期末考试做准备。在进入前16名后,小女孩不停地返回华沙补习,甚至在飞行中写作业。借助今年网球比赛的停赛期,Swatek成功完成了高中课程:“少担心,让我感到更加放松和自信。”为游戏做准备的结果是一路走来。通过游戏,创造迄今为止您职业生涯中最辉煌的时刻。

"If I can reach the top 10 in the world, I will temporarily put down my studies and work hard to win the Grand Slam championship, but if my ranking is still around 100 in two years, then I will go back to study." Before the start of the French Open, Swatek said in an official WTA interview. Perhaps she herself had never thought that after only two weeks, the dream Grand Slam champion was already within reach. It seems that the Polish girl's plan to return to campus may be temporarily shelved. (Xinmin Evening News reporter Lu Weixin)

“如果我能跻身世界前十名,我将暂时放下学业并努力赢得大满贯冠军,但如果两年内我的排名仍在100位左右,那我将重新学习。”在法国公开赛开始之前,Swatek在WTA的官方采访中说。也许她自己从未想过,仅仅两周之后,梦想中的大满贯冠军已经遥不可及。波兰女孩重返校园的计划似乎暂时被搁置了。 (新民晚报记者卢维新)

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