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In 1998, the French international Karenbu won the Champions League and the World Cup, and also won the supermodel wife Adriana, becoming the most enviable player in football. The head coach of the French team Jacques said that in 1998, in order to stimulate the players' combat effectiveness, he allowed the players to meet with their families, and also organized the players’ wives to cheer for the team. Adriana is undoubtedly among all the wives. The most eye-catching one.


After the end of the glorious 1998, Karenbu continued his short life as a winner in Real Madrid. Since 1999, Karenbu has gradually become a substitute in Real Madrid, but good luck has always been with him. In 2000, Real Madrid won the Champions League again, and Karenbu did not get the chance to participate in the final. In the subsequent European Championships, Karenbu, who was 30 or older, only got one chance to play. It was a group match with the Dutch team. In that game, France was finally reversed by the Netherlands 2 to 3. Not played, but the French team once again reversed Italy in the final to win the championship, Kalenbu added the European Championship to the book of honor, and completed the grand slam of honor that many football players have pursued throughout their lives.

在辉煌的1998年结束之后,卡伦布(Karenbu)继续了他短暂的一生,成为皇马冠军。自1999年以来,卡伦布(Karenbu)逐渐成为皇家马德里的替补球员,但他一直很幸运。 2000年,皇家亚博直播马德里再次赢得了冠军联赛,而卡伦布(Karenbu)没有机会参加决赛。在随后的欧洲锦标赛中,年满30岁的Karenbu只有一次参加比赛的机会。这是和荷兰队的小组比赛。在那场比赛中,法国最终被荷兰2比3逆转。没有出战,但法国队在决赛中再次逆转意大利赢得冠军,卡伦布将欧洲冠军加入了荣誉之书,并完成了大满贯许多足球运动员一生追求的荣誉。

However, after the 2000 European Championships, the state of Kalenbu, who relied on his body for food, has dropped significantly, unable to gain a foothold in a giant like Real Madrid. Therefore, in the summer of 2000, Real Madrid introduced Callumbu’s younger brother Makelele from Nantes. , And sold Karenbu to Middlesbrough in the Premier League. Coincidentally, Callumbu is exactly 3 years older than Makelele, and three years later, Makelele also met Leno, a supermodel wife. But Makelele did not have Kalenbu's luck to win the World Cup and the European Cup.

但是,在2000年欧洲锦标赛之后,依靠身体为生的卡伦布州已经大幅下降,无法在像皇马这样的巨人中站稳脚跟。因此,在2000年夏天,皇马从南特引进了卡伦布的弟弟马克莱尔。 ,并在英超联赛中将卡伦布卖给了米德尔斯堡。巧合的是,卡伦布(Callumbu)比马克莱莱(Makelele)大3岁,三年后,马克莱莱(Makelele)还遇到了超模妻子莱诺(Leno)。但是马克莱莱没有卡伦布赢得世界杯和欧洲杯的运气。

Although he could not be the main player in Real Madrid, he came to the English Premier League with a big belly, and Kalumbo was still alive and well and became the spokesperson of the Italian brand aline football shoes. In the 00-01 season, Karenbu played 33 times for Fort Miburg and scored 4 goals. His performance was very good. However, a team like Miburg did not qualify for the Champions League or even the European Championship. To be re-elected to the national team in the 2002 World Cup must perform in the Champions League.

尽管他不能成为皇家马德里的主力球员,但他却大肚子地参加了英超联赛,而Kalumbo仍然健在,并成为了意大利品牌aline足球鞋的代言人。在00-01赛季,卡伦布(Karenbu)为米堡(Fort Miburg)出战33次,进进4球。他的表现非常好。但是,像Miburg这样的球队没有资格参加欧洲冠军联赛甚至欧洲冠军联赛。要在2002年世界杯中再次当选国家队,必须在欧洲冠军联赛中演出。

So in the summer of 2001, he bid farewell to his wife for his career, chose to transfer to the Greek giants Olympiacos, and won the league championship for the team for two consecutive seasons, but he still missed the 23-man squad of the French team in the Korea-Japan World Cup and replaced him. It was Makelele. At this time, Karenbo is no longer beautiful and far away from the European mainstream arena, but his wife has become a big hit at this time, not only in the model circle, but also in the movie circle in 2004.


In 2004, Karenbu was reduced to the Swiss League. Although the career gap with his wife was increasing, Adriana didn’t care. He followed Karenbu around and even accompanied Karenbu in his Swiss yard. It is said that Karenbu, who was depressed on the pitch, also used tackles in a football game with his wife, which caused Adriana’s ankle injury... Adriana, who was born in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is proficient The five languages ​​have long been among the upper class society, but the girl is still relatively simple in her bones. It is said that her daily car is a Skoda sedan produced in her home country, not a luxury European car.


At the beginning of 2005, Karenbu finally returned to France, joined the Bastia team, and ended his career there. After retiring, Karenbu became a scout, but with his wife in his career. The situation of "Yin and Yang decay" has been irreversible. Although in 2010, the two also appeared in the media together, but in 2011, the "Beauty and the Beast" fairy tale suddenly ended. Someone photographed Adriana and other men. Photos of entering and leaving the hotel, the two broke up peacefully and officially divorced.

2005年初,Karenbu终于回到法国,加入了巴斯蒂亚车队,并在那里结束了他的职业生涯。退休后,卡伦布(Karenbu)成为一名侦察员,但与他的妻子一起工作。 “阴阳衰变”的情况是不可逆转的。尽管在2010年,这两个人也一起出现在媒体上,但是在2011年,“美女与野兽”的童话故事突然结束了。有人给阿德里亚娜和其他人拍照。进出酒店的照片,两人和平分手,正式离婚。

After the divorce, Adriana married a wealthy businessman, and Karenbu lived a more chic life without the pressure of his wife. He attended various football events in ordinary times and became the spokesperson of the emerging Swiss football brand fourteen14. . In fact, although Karenbu has a three-and-a-half length, he is actually delicate and friendly. Whether he is in the French national team or the club he has played for, his popularity is very good and he is very popular among female fans.

离婚后,阿德里安娜(Adriana)嫁给了一位富裕的商人,卡伦布(Karenbu)的生活更加时尚,没有妻子的压力。他平时参加了各种足球比赛,并成为新兴的瑞士足球品牌1414的代言人。 。实际上,尽管卡伦布(Karenbu)的身高为三个半月,但实际上他很精致且友善。无论是法国国家队还是他效力的俱乐部,他的声望都很高,而且在女球迷中非常受欢迎。

In the stands of the 2016 European Championships in France, we were surprised to find that Karenbu, who had been single for a long time, was accompanied by a beautiful woman who was actually Lebanon’s famous skier Jack Chamon, who was 1.75 tall. Mi’s beauty, born in 1991, is 21 years younger than Kalembu. She has represented Lebanon in the Winter Olympics twice and is a real master Olympic athlete. When we still can't believe that the 47-year-old Karenbu will usher in the second spring of his life, in October 2017, Karenbu and Chamon's children have been born.

在2016年法国欧洲锦标赛的看台上,我们惊讶地发现,单身已经很长时间的卡伦布(Karenbu)陪伴着一位漂亮的女人,这位女人实际上是黎巴嫩著名的滑雪者杰克·夏蒙(Jack Chamon),他的身高为1.75。小美的美貌,出生于1991年,比Kalembu小21岁。她曾两次代表黎巴嫩参加冬季奥运会,是一名真正的奥林匹克大师。当我们仍然不敢相信47岁的卡伦布(Karenbu)将迎来他生命的第二个春天时,2017年10月,卡伦布(Karenbu)和夏蒙(Chamon)的孩子们出生了。

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