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亚博直播|米利托:想搭档伊布 梅西来国米并非不可能

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Live broadcast, October 17 Inter Milan legend Milito recently accepted an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport. He talked about the upcoming Milan Derby and the current situation of Inter Milan. Regarding the rumors of Messi joining Inter, he said that there is nothing impossible. .

10月17日现场直播,国际米兰传奇人物Milito最近接受了Gazzetta dello Sport的采访。他谈到了即将到来的米兰德比和国际米兰的现状。关于梅西加入国际米兰的传言,他说没有什么不可能的。 。



"This will be a somewhat surreal derby. In my career, I only happened to play an empty game. It felt very bad. Fans are the essence of football and sports, let alone at such a big This kind of derby is being played on the stadium. But we must adapt to this situation until the epidemic improves."


   "I have played many derby games in Argentina and Genoa. The atmosphere there is very hot, but the derby in Milan is very special because you know the whole world is watching you."



"Yes, a hat-trick in Genoa and a hat-trick in Inter Milan, these will always exist in my career. In this regard, I am lucky, scoring in a Derby is very special. Not to mention going home with three-pointers and game balls."


"The first impression of the Derby? It was my first Milan Derby. We won 4-0. Whether it was the first or second round of the league (Note: Milito said it was the second round of the 2009/10 Serie A Milan Derby), we played a wonderful game, this game made us understand what kind of team we are. Players like Sneijder, and some players who have just joined the team before, They played a decisive role in that game when they first arrived. But I still remember a 0 to 3 loss (the 31st round of Serie A in 2010/11, Milan won the league title that season), that was In 2011, with the help of the great Ibrahimovic, this game determined the ownership of the championship, and in the end they won the championship."




"There are now seven people in the team who can't play because of the new crown, but we won the Derby with a nine-man lineup in 2010. Tonight we will start 11 to 11. It doesn't matter who is absent and who plays. Inter Milan New motivation will be found, and whoever plays will be the protagonist. Those who are absent do not count, those who play can really determine the outcome."


"Lautaro? He has grown a lot. You have to give him time. He is a strong player who can accomplish different things. Am I his mentor? I'm glad they often let Lautaro look at me. The videos of my games and technical moves. When I can, I always give him advice, and he absorbed all of this and showed it on the court."


"Barcelona want to sign him? I'm not surprised at all. He is a strong striker, but I think he is very good at Inter Milan now. He wants to win with Inter Milan. And he has a Lukaku beside him , They are a perfect pair of partners, they complement each other, they are truly magical partners."




"Compared to Maicon? I never like to make comparisons. Every player is unique. You don't have to put too much pressure on Ashraf. He is still young. He has all the conditions to become a champion player. It's too early. As a player, he is terrible, running, footwork, endurance, strong, and there is a lot of potential to be tapped."




"He can make a difference. He is a winner everywhere. He knows what to do on the pitch. Conte is right to sign him. Conte is also a winner. After he coached Juventus, he took over Inter Milan. I don't feel that Surprised. If you want to be a coach, something like this will happen. I feel sorry for the fans who are still insulting or angry because of such things. After all, this is a job."




"He is a champion player and his age has made him more leadership, and this is what Milan lacks, a'driver'. I always respect Ibrahimovic and want to play with him. Seeing him in The performance on the court, I can only admire the desire he showed at the age of 40."




"You have to believe that nothing is impossible. The club has everything it needs to sign Messi, and if this transfer can take place, it will be a coup for Serie A, a bit like Ronaldo’s transfer, it doesn’t have to be just A fantasy."




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