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亚博直播|【那些王朝】足球皇帝与欧冠三连 那是拜仁队史最辉煌的时代

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Editor's note: The new season has not yet fully opened, and the return of the Champions League needs a longer wait. During this period, the author will use a series of stories to tell the stories of those European kings in the past two-thirds of the century. They are either recognized dynasties in football, or they will achieve supremacy in a short period of time, or they will use the triple crown to write supreme glory... and behind every piece of history, there are controversies and glory shadows. These stories are fascinating. .

编者注:新赛季尚未完全开始,冠军联赛的回归需要更长的等待时间。在此期间,作者将使用一系列故事来讲述这些欧洲国王在过去三分之二的故事。他们要么是足球界公认的王朝,要么他们将在短时间内取得霸主地位,或者他们将使用三冠王冠书写最高荣耀……在每段历史的背后,都有争议和荣耀阴影。这些故事令人着迷。 。

In the history of the Champions League, only three teams have completed three consecutive championships (or more). They are Real Madrid, Ajax and Bayern Munich. Speaking of Real Madrid, people will think of the graceful and noble European emperor. Speaking of Ajax, people's remarks are always inseparable from passionate all-attack and all-defense. Bayern also has its own distinctive characteristics-iron and blood and will, inheritance And watchman.


This season, the aggressive Bayern have won all the championships they can win, and the five crowns are unprecedented, but when it comes to the dominance of European football, the team in the 1970s is even more classic. In that era, the Beckenbauers cast the backbone of a generation of kings, and Bayern has truly become a giant in Europe.


The rise of any king requires precipitation. This is especially appropriate for Bayern. In the first half a century of the establishment of the team, this Bundesliga has experienced ups and downs, has been oppressed by the Nazis, and has been close to bankruptcy. The embarrassment and the hardships of Bayern that could not kill Bayern eventually became the master of the king.


In fact, at the beginning of the Bundesliga season in 1962/63, Bayern was not present. This super carrier of German football did not participate in the Bundesliga for the first time until the 1965/66 season. In the first season of the Bundesliga, Bayern finally finished third in the league and won the German Cup, which gave them the opportunity to participate in the European Cup Winners’ Cup. In the European Cup Winners Cup final the following year, with Franz Rotter's goal in overtime, Bayern defeated the Glasgow Rangers 1-0 and won the first intercontinental championship in team history.

实际上,在1962/63赛季德甲联赛开始之初,拜仁就不在了。直到1965/66赛季,这位德国足球超级载体才首次参加德甲联赛。在德甲联赛的第一个赛季中,拜仁终于获得联赛第三名,赢得了德国杯,这使他们有机会参加了欧洲优胜者杯。在次年的欧洲优胜者杯决赛中,弗朗兹·罗特(Franz Rotter)的进球加时赛,拜仁1-0击败了格拉斯哥流浪者并赢得了队史上的第一个洲际冠军。

When the time came in 1968, the Yugoslavian Blanco Zebic took over the Bayern coach. The team he ruled was strictly disciplined. With only 13 players available, he unbelievably won the Bundesliga and German Cup doubles. . Ratke became Bayern coach in 1970. Starting from the 1971/72 season, the team achieved the first three consecutive Bundesliga titles in team history. In those years, German football is experiencing its peak, and Bayern is about to usher in its peak.

时间到了1968年,南斯拉夫的布兰科·泽比奇接任了拜仁教练。他统治的团队受到严格训练。他只有13名球员,令人难以置信地赢得了德甲联赛和德国杯双打冠军。 。拉特克(Ratke)于1970年成为拜仁教练。从1971/72赛季开始,该队获得了球队历史上连续三届德甲冠军。在那些年里,德国足球正处于顶峰,而拜仁即将迎来顶峰。

In the 1974 World Cup finals, the Federal Republic of Germany defeated the fully defended Netherlands to claim the championship, which seems to herald an era of change. At the club level, Bayern has gradually replaced Ajax's dominance. At that time, the most important existence of German football was Beckenbauer and Ged-Müller-the former was the track, the engine, and the armor, which was omnipotent; the latter was the artillery that could always give the opponent a fatal blow. They have shown the will and belief of German football to the extreme. Fortunately, they have the opportunity to partner with Bayern and jointly win almost all the honors they can get.


In 1974, Bayern all the way to the Champions League final, swept Atletico Madrid 4-0 in the rematch of the final for the first time. The gap between them and Monchengladbach that season was only between the first and the second. 1 point advantage to win the Bundesliga title, began the era of duopoly. In the 1974/75 season, Bayern eventually won only 10th in the league, with a goal difference or even a loss. Meritorious coach Ratke also dismissed midway, but in the end the Southern Star was invincible in the Champions League, defeating the Premier League team Leeds United in the final to successfully defend the title.


A year later, Bayern defeated the French Ligue 1 team Saint-Etienne in the Champions League final to achieve three consecutive championships. This makes them the third team in history to win three consecutive Champions League titles, and they also have the right to permanently retain the championship trophy. In five years, under the leadership of legendary coach Udo Ratke, the club has completed three consecutive league titles, three consecutive Champions League titles, and won a German Football Association Cup title. So far, Bayern has become an ordinary powerhouse competing for the Bundesliga. It has become one of the most successful clubs in Europe.

一年后,拜仁在冠军联赛决赛中击败了法国联赛1队圣艾蒂安,取得了连续三个冠军。这使他们成为历史上连续赢得三届冠军联赛冠军的第三支球队,并且他们也有权永久保留冠军奖杯。五年来,在传奇教练乌多·拉特克(Udo Ratke)的带领下,俱乐部已连续三次获得联赛冠军,连续三个冠军联赛冠军,并赢得了德国足协杯冠军。到目前为止,拜仁已成为争夺德甲联赛的普通强国。它已成为欧洲最成功的俱乐部之一。

Who can determine the rise and fall, there is no basis for the rise and fall, any king of the division will fall after the peak, the peak Bayern can not escape such fate. In the years since the Champions League ruled the roost, Bayern failed to win any trophies for several consecutive years. On the contrary, Mönchen, Cologne and Hamburg won the Bundesliga one after another. The Bayern dynasty Beckenbauer also left the team to develop, and the king's division fell apart. But people will never forget the achievements of Bayern in those glorious years. The great achievements of the European battlefield made Bayern the existence of the leader of the Bundesliga.


How great is Bayern in the three consecutive Champions League? In Bayern’s official selection of the best 11-man lineup in club history, six of them are legendary stars who shined in this glorious seventies-former Bayern captain and former chairman of football emperor Franz Beckenbauer , Bayern’s current chairman Rummenigge, the door god Sepp Meyer, who is even more legendary than Kahn, Paul Breitner, known as the "Red Bull", and the scavenger Schwarzenbeck next to Beckenbauer , And Ged Muller, who has all his scoring records.

拜仁连续三届欧洲冠军联赛表现如何?在拜仁官方评选的俱乐部历史上最好的11人阵容中,其中六位是传奇明星,他们在这位七十年代的光荣前拜仁队长,前足球皇帝弗朗茨·贝肯鲍尔(Franz Beckenbauer),拜仁现任董事长朗姆尼格(Rummenigge),门神Sepp Meyer ,他比卡恩(Kahn),保罗·布雷特纳(Paul Breitner)(被称为“红牛”)和在贝肯鲍尔(Beckenbauer)和盖德·穆勒(Ged Muller)旁边的清道夫施瓦辛贝克(Schwarzenbeck)更具传奇色彩。

These prominent names actually existed at the same time at the same time, and under the leadership of the legendary coach Udo Ratek, it is not impossible to create a super dynasty to rule Europe. For Bayern, the most important credit is Gedmuller. "Everything Bayern has is due to our Gade Muller and his goals." Beckenbauer said.

这些杰出的名字实际上是同时存在的,在传奇教练乌多·拉特克(Udo Ratek)的领导下,要建立一个统治欧洲的超级王朝并非不可能。对于拜仁,最重要的荣誉是吉德米勒。 “拜仁的一切归功于我们的加德·穆勒(Gade Muller)和他的目标。”贝肯鲍尔说。

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Sr. Muller played for Bayern for 15 seasons, scoring a total of 549 goals for Bayern, almost an average of 1.15 goals per game. Mueller is Bayern’s top scorer every year, winning a total of 7 Bundesliga top scorers and 2 European Golden Boot awards. He deserves the title of No. 1 striker in football. And today’s "B2B" all-around midfielder and late organizational midfielder, as well as the emergence of the third central defender, are today’s players and coaches who have turned Beckenbauer’s work into a multi-talented work. .

穆勒(Sr. Muller)为拜仁(Bayern)效力15个赛季,为拜仁(Bayern)总共打进549个进球,几乎每场比赛平均进球(1.15球)。穆勒(Mueller)每年都是拜仁(Bayern)的最佳射手,一共赢得了7个德甲最佳射手和2个欧洲金靴奖。他当之无愧地成为足球第一前锋。今天的“ B2B”全能中场球员和组织后期的中场球员以及第三位中后卫的出现,都是当今的球员和教练,已经将贝肯鲍尔的工作变成了多才多艺的工作。 。

To this day, the striker combination of Rummenigge and Hoeness is still leading Bayern in the high position of Bayern. Beckenbauer is already old and has retired from the first line. Ged-Müller He and Breitner and Schwarzenbeck worked for Bayern for many years. The story of this heritage has a far-reaching impact on Bayern, and it has also allowed this team to prosper for a long time. In that glorious era, Bayern wrote history and created history. A wealthy family was truly born in that time.

时至今日,鲁梅尼格和霍内斯的前锋组合仍然带领拜仁在拜仁的高位。贝肯鲍尔已经老了,已经从第一线退役了。 Ged-MüllerHe和Breitner和Schwarzenbeck在拜仁工作了很多年。这项传承的故事对拜仁产生了深远的影响,也使这支球队得以长期繁荣。在那个光荣的时代,拜仁写下了历史并创造了历史。那个时候,一个富裕的家庭真正诞生了。

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