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   After a disappointing season, the Los Angeles Clippers took the first step in their adjustment.


   They replaced the team coach, Rivers resigned and Teren Lue took office.


   Will this be a successful change? It is not yet known. Although I always believe that the Clippers should be a team based on defense to drive the overall situation, but from a resume, Lu is not this type of coach.


On some levels, he is a little like Rivers. He has a set of stories to tell the story. Both pay more attention to offense. The reaction in the game is not fast enough, and he is conservative in employing people. The newcomers in the team often don't get too many. Opportunity.


   But if you can give him a good enough staffing, he can indeed give you a good offense. The former Cleveland Cavaliers are the best proof. If it weren't for the Golden State Warriors to be there, just by offensively, Tyronn Lue might get more praise than now.


Based on these pasts, I think the Clippers’ general policy of “offensive first” may not change. In other words, the poor performances of Lu Wei and Harrell in the playoffs last year are not necessarily due to their poor defense. After taking office, the coach fell out of favor and was abandoned.


   Next, let's talk about the reinforcement of personnel.


   In terms of personnel structure, the Clippers currently lack the two most important points, point guard and center.


   On the point guard, although they have Beverly, this is a 3D defensive engineer who can advance the half court with the ball, but lacks the ability to organize and create offensive opportunities. This is also the biggest problem the Clippers are currently facing. They have a lot of players who can launch an offense with the ball, but they are all end options, lacking a core brain that can connect all end points together.


At the position of center, the Clippers have a very rich variety. Zubac has height and tonnage, and can provide protection for the rim. Jie Michael Green can defend and shoot three-pointers. Harrell is very strong. The ability to terminate near the basket. However, each of them has obvious shortcomings. Zubac lacks movement and experience, Green is short, and Harrell has zero defense. This is why the Clippers always want to strengthen this position.

在快船的中心位置,快船队的种类非常丰富。 Zubac具有高度和吨位,可以为轮辋提供保护。杰克·格林(Jie Michael Green)可以防守和投射三分球。哈雷尔非常坚强。在篮子附近终止的能力。但是,它们每个都有明显的缺点。 Zubac缺乏动作和经验,Green矮,而Harrell的防守为零。这就是快船队一直希望加强这一位置的原因。

   But if you have an idea, you have an idea, but it is not so easy to actually operate it.


   First of all, the Clippers have no money.


   Up to now, 11 players in their team have contracts. Apart from Noana’s 1.73 million unsecured contracts, the remaining 10 players have a total salary of approximately 114 million US dollars. Not surprisingly, this number is beyond the league's salary cap for next season, which means that the Clippers have no room to sign free agents and can only use special clauses to strengthen.


   In this case, they want to rely on free agent signing to make up high-quality point guards, such as Dragic and Van Fleet? This is just like the Lakers wanting to trade for the third giant with Green as financing. It is pure dream.


What they can do is just minor repairs, and there are still some players on the market that are worthy of the Clippers, and the asking price is not too high, such as DJ Augustin and Jeff Teague on the point guard, center. Noel, Xiaojia and Dabai are also good choices.

他们所能做的只是少量维修,市场上仍然有一些快船值得的球员,而要价也不算太高,例如中锋控球后卫DJ Augustin和Jeff Teague。诺埃尔(Noel),小家(Xiajia)和大白(Dabai)也是不错的选择。

   But before that, the Clippers still have several issues that need to be resolved:


  The first one, what about Harrell?


   Harrell is a player that Clippers fans love and hate. He scored 18.6 points, 7.1 boards, and 1.1 caps in the regular season. He is the sixth man of the year this year. His style of play is extremely contagious. You can feel his passion for playing through the screen.


   But Harrell is a terrible defender. Poor defensive choices and willingness have made him targeted in the key matchups of the playoffs, and when he can't play his own rhythm on the offensive end, Harrell's positive value will infinitely approach zero.


   He is a double-edged sword, with a glamorous side and a poisonous face. Everyone knows that the Clippers are no exception. It's just that the environment they are currently in is somewhat passive.


   If the asking price is too high, the renewal will not be worthwhile, but if Harrell is left in vain, they will not have room to sign people to fill the hole. This is obviously not the situation the Clippers hope to see.


   Maybe the Clippers will try to sign first and then change? But in any case, this will be a tricky problem.


   The other is the attraction of the team.


   Last offseason, the Clippers, who just got the dual-core striker, are the sweets in the eyes of free agents. They not only have the chance to compete for the championship, but they are also located in Los Angeles, a big city, with a pleasant climate for life, and no lack of media exposure. But now, the situation has changed. After James re-proved that he still has the ability to lead the team to the top, the Lakers have undoubtedly replaced the Clippers and become the best place for free agents to play in LA.


   In this case, the difficulty the Clippers want to reinforce must be greater than in the past years.


  So, can they get a star player through trading? In fact, it is not very good.


   The Clippers have some bargaining chips in their hands. Young assets such as Zubac, Shamet and Mann are all willing to take over. There are also some good immediate combat powers, such as Beverly and Lu Wei. Single-selling prices are okay, but it is more difficult to save a piece to make a big deal.

快船手中有一些讨价还价的筹码。 Zubac,Shamet和Mann等年轻资产都愿意接管。还有一些很好的即时战斗力,例如贝弗利和卢薇。单笔销售的价格还可以,但是保存一块大钱更困难。

   For example, if the Clippers want to make change for adjustments, they will look up for deals with star players. Then it is bound to put Beverly in the transaction. This is not to say that Beverly cannot be sold. The problem is his personal value.


   Beverly's contract has 2 years left, and the average salary is close to 14 million. If this point were placed last summer, it would be worthwhile, but now, it may not be.


This season, Beverley's performance on both ends of the offense and defense has declined significantly. In the playoffs, it has become a foul machine. The number of fouls per 36 minutes has reached 6.7. Poor emotional control even made him. Become a burden on the court.


Against this background, Beverley’s contract seems a bit premium, combined with his 32-year-old age and past injury history-Beverley missed a total of 18 games last season due to injuries-the value of the transaction It is inevitable to be discounted at this point in time.


   If the Clippers want to get a star player through a trade, such as Jrue Holiday, it will be difficult to impress the opponent with the offer from the young man + Beverly + Lu Wei, and must be drafted. But... the Clippers' future draft picks are all in the hands of the Thunder, and they obviously can't take out the extra assets to play Stud again.

如果快船想通过交易来吸引明星球员,例如Jrue Holiday,那么年轻人+贝弗利+卢薇的报价就很难打动对手,必须被选中。但是...快船未来的选秀权全部掌握在雷霆手中,他们显然无法拿出多余的资产再次效力于梭哈。

   So, what is in front of the Clippers is an offseason where anything can happen theoretically. Their lineup may change drastically, and all players other than dual-core players may be put on the negotiating table for alternation. But if the Clippers finally choose to be conservative and try to preserve the core lineup-but due to the uncertainty of Mo and Harrell, the Clippers are likely to passively subtract from the strength and depth of the lineup-let Tai I will not be surprised if Renlu takes the team again.


The team’s foundation is still strong enough. Even in the chaos of last season and the poor performance of offensive and defensive ends, they once led the Denver Nuggets 3-1, which in itself is their strength. A kind of proof. Compared with the player reinforcement, the Clippers lack leadership and centripetal force most.


   Leonard is a good player, but so far, he is not a qualified leader. He needs to stand up more, he needs to gather his teammates together, and he needs to take on more responsibilities. This is not an easy task, but for the Clippers, this is what Leonard must do.


Although they failed to win the 2019-20 season championship, and I have written so many words in vain for the Western Conference Finals, but the Clippers' championship window has not been completely closed. This is not a team that can be taken lightly. Team, they still have a chance to make some noise next season. It's just that the time that belongs to them alone, and takes full advantage of the time and place, has passed.


   The Clippers must correct their mentality now, because this may be their last chance.


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